When it comes to removing calcium and other minerals causing water hardness, Fleck 5600SXT is our number 1 choice. In fact, if you’re living in a small or medium-sized house, then this system is ideal for you. Immediately after installing this water softener, you’ll notice your skin feeling less dry as well as reduction on soap consumption.

So, is Fleck 5600SXT the right system for your home? Well, let’s take a look at this digital metered water softener.

Features and specifications

To begin with, this salt-based water softener is suited for handling medium and very hard water. It uses the ion exchange process to soften hard water, thus extending the longevity of your appliances and plumbing system. In addition, it has a meter-based control system along with a LED screen enabling you to just press a few buttons to generate soft water. You’ll use this digital head to monitor any error codes or the current system status. This means, only the salt pellets are to be replaced every now and then.

Also, this softener has a 48,000-grain capacity which should be enough to provide a steady supply of soft water to your medium-sized household. In short, it can work on any level of hard water. Furthermore, you can expect at least 12 gallons of water per minute when this system is supplied with adequate pressure. This amount of water should be enough for any whole house with several bathrooms.

On regeneration cycle, this metered on demand device measures the amount of water you use before beginning the regeneration process as programmed or needed. This ensures that the salt and water usage is at minimal level as necessary. At the same time, your household will never experience any shortage of soft water.

Installation and settings

Before purchasing any softener system, always check if the installation instructions and the user manuals are packaged along. You don’t want to struggle with the installation process, do you? With these installation instructions, you’ll find it very easy to set up this system as never before. However, you’ll need some basic plumbing skills. Also, check if the following tools are packaged along with the system before purchasing:

  • Brine tank with a safety float
  • Bypass valve
  • Fiberglass resin tank
  • Fleck 5600SXT valve along with digital controls
  • A top basket for protecting the resin

If you easily follow the manual instructions, you can easily set up this system by yourself. However, be sure about the exact type of water hardness by seeking the services of your local authority or Water Company.
On the maintenance side, you can rest easy because the softener doesn’t need too much attention. After you’ve programmed the resin tank to regenerate, you have little to worry about. Also, just top up the correct amount of salt to the brine tank and that’s it. Furthermore, Fleck has recently introduced lines of different capacities for different households.

Our Verdict

Do you still harbor any doubts about Fleck 5600SXT softener? Well, Fleck ranks really well when it comes to reliability, ease of use and efficiency. The fact that its metered regeneration is fully automated plays an important role when it comes to reducing running costs. However, you’ll need sufficient space and manpower (at least 2 people) to install it because it’s heavy and bulky. Also, keep following this page to read water softener reviews that will undoubtedly be very helpful in your next purchase. Feel free to share this post or leave us your valuable comment in the comments section below.

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